Sunday, December 5, 2010


I'm feeling guilty about how infrequently I update this site, so here's some blog-y, journal-y drivel for you to munch on...

Yesterday was one of those days that made me wish I had just stayed in bed. First thing in the morning, when taking the dogs out, they tripped me on the front stairs, and the cell phone in my pocket smashed on the bricks. The phone's LCD screen looks like a really crappy, tiny stained glass window now.  Lesson: Sandals, rain, rambunctious dogs, and my morning level of coordination are a bad combo; and Verizon insurance dings you $90 now for Smartphone replacements.

In the afternoon, we went Christmas tree shopping at a local cut-your-own farm. When we got home, as I attempted to take the tree down from the roof rack, it got away from me, and took the side mirror right off the truck. Lesson: If it takes 5 guys at the tree farm to put your tree on top of your vehicle, don't try to handle it by yourself on the other end; and by the way, clear packing tape holding your side mirror on doesn't look any less white trash than duct tape does.

I ended the night doing a set at a music venue in the 5-points area of Atlanta.  Lesson: Fifty single, 20-something hipsters, waiting for the band after the comedy show, do not find me funny.

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