Monday, April 12, 2010

From Fulton Street to Fulton County

Last Thursday after wrapping up at work for the day, I hopped on the A train at Fulton Street in New York City.  A couple of train rides later, I got in my car at the Hamilton station. Then I swung by the house to pick up my favorite 3 redheads and we pointed the family truckster south.

After a long drive, a much-too-brief stay at a Holiday Inn, and another shorter drive, we arrived in Fulton County, Georgia.  This was the culmination of several feverish weeks of internet research, phone calls, email exchanges, and general plotting.

We spent much of the day Friday exploring the area and poking our noses around 5 houses in Roswell. At the end of the day, our Real Estate agent drove us by another house that we were slated to see Saturday morning.  I'd only seen 4 pictures of this new listing online, but as we drove by this particular house, I unexpectedly declared, "Sold!"

The next day, instead of dragging the smaller of the aforementioned redheads through another 8 houses that we were scheduled to look at, I stayed back at the hotel with them and swam in the pool. When we finally got out of the pool, I noticed 3 missed calls and 2 voicemails on my cell.  It was Lori, quite excited about one of the houses on her Saturday tour.

I packed up the kids and we met her at (of course) the house I had proclaimed, "Sold". We tried to not let ourselves get too emotional about it, as we've had enough real estate deals go sour, and there were already 4 other offers on this incredible house. Our 8-year-old daughter loved the house so much, she offered to kick in all of her allowance, if we could buy it.  So we made an offer. After a bit of anxiety on the drive north Saturday night, at 10pm we received a call from the agent, letting us know that our offer had been accepted. Yay!!

So here's your fair warning all y'all, the Cravens are moving south.

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